Future Greatest Adventure


I used to dream about getting lost, all the time. About traveling around the world by myself, literally. New places, sidewalks, strangers. Oh my God!
That was the “young me”. Or maybe, the “me before July 2014”.

But then as you know, I’m falling in love, and getting married. I have someone who suddenly there sitting on my priority list and ruin my dreams, beautifully.

Well, to be honest, I’m still dreaming about it. But, with a little different condition: with a partner (my future spouse).

The ugly truth is, with or without him, after or even before I’m with him, my old dream (to go alone) won’t be happened anyway, I know. Because my parents won’t let me go out of our country all alone. So the only way I can do that is by get married. And now I’m about to. So it will be possible for me to get my dream, with that little condition. And I’m happy, actually!

May we get that chances, someday! Amen!
Because the greatest adventure lies ahead!


A Man


I’m in a dark space they call bedroom. Lights and TV turned off already. I can’t sleep tonight.

I grabbed my phone and drew. Yes, that man. Undone. Have no idea how to finish him. I don’t even know him. I just realized that I never drew a man before. Turns out it’s difficult. Yes, men are difficult.

My Little Angels

Have you ever miss someone so bad that you can feel your heart hurts?

I feel it now. I miss the kids, the babies I met at few orphan houses these time. I miss those little angels I love since the very first sight. I don’t know why, I just miss them, so bad, really bad.

I love to call them my angels, because somehow they could make me feel so happy just by a single smile, warm by their single touch. I love them. So much.
May they always filled with love and happiness. Amen.


Till we meet again, angels.. ♡