Little Soulmate


She is my sister. My only one elder sister.

We just met a week ago when me and my husband went to her house and slept over for few days. But, I miss her already.

We don’t meet and talk much, since we’ve been living in different cities for years. But, we never as far as our distance. She’s the only one I have to talk almost about everything. She’s my bestfriend, my soulmate.

We fight sometimes, but our love is so much bigger than any anger or hate between us. I love her so much.

Dear sissy, I wish you were here with me right now.. I miss you! :’)


Welcome Back!

Two things that came back to me today, after a while. Things that used to be a part of me most of the time, years ago.

1) Bangs!


Been years! And I have it back now! A bit messy, because I kinda lost my skill on cutting it. But that’s alright, I’ll handle it soon, I know. I’m still happy to have it back anyway. Yay!

2) My “Sisters Out” Moment


Yes! Me and my beloved sister. It’s been so long since the last time we had our whole day of togetherness moment. Since we live in different cities, since we’re busy with our job, since she got married to my lucky brother in law. It’s our first time again to have a full day out together, just the two of us! In the car, at the mall, talking, singing, shopping, laughing, everything!♡

You know what? It’s not always bad to have something back when it comes to a good memory. Like bangs and sisters’ quality time to me! Today I brought back my past into present, and grateful for that!

Thank God, I’m happy today! :)