Dear Husband To Be; I Hope You Will Always Remember

Our conversation last night, and so many other nights before.. about how greatful we are to have each other, and about how hard we will try to built our “home”, our little family for our future children.

It’s four weeks to go, dear.. Time flies, I know. I hope everything will be going well until the wedding day and after. Aamiin..


Baby, thank you for last night, thank you for every date that you ever gave to me since eight years ago. The dinners, the karaokes, the movies, everything! :)
Hopefully there still will be another regular fun date after wedding, and after we have a child or even children! Aamiin..

I hope we will always remember to keep our love grows evertime, everyday, until the death do us part! Aamiin.. Aamiin.. Aamiin…

I love you, four weeks husband to be!


Bride To Be; The Therapy

I feel numb, I need a therapy.

Lately I’m lost.
This is not easy.

You know I used to not believe in love, right?
And now I’m getting married!!!
OH MY GOD! Really?!?
I have to admit, I’m scared. Really really scared.

Not that I don’t believe in my fiancé’s love, but… is that really love what he feels for me? Is he sure about it? How about what I feel for him? Is it? Will it last forever in me and him??
I’m scared! Totally scared!
I believe in him, I just used to not believe in love.

The difference now is, I used to not believe in love and didn’t care about it also. I used to think about marriage and didn’t really care about the existence of the love it self. But now, I do care about it! So much! I don’t wanna get married without love in it. True love what I’m talking about!

Oh my God! I’m panic, I am! I know I am! And that is why I’m writing here right now, and almost everyday these days. This is my therapy. I write as a therapy..


I’ll make it. I know I will..
He loves me, and I love him.
We’ll make it. I know we will…
(I whisper it everyday in my heart)


Bride To Be; 50 Days To Wedding Day


It’s getting closer.. The wedding, everything..

Texts and calls from our vendors feels like a wake up alarm to me. They reminded me of how close I am to the wedding day now. 50 days, yes, THAT CLOSE!

Some friends asked me how do I feel about it. To be honest? I DON’T KNOW!
I don’t know what it is. I have no idea how to describe my feeling and what it called. I never had this kind of feeling in my life before. This is new to me. I don’t know whether I’m happy or sad, excited or scared, ready or not. Really!
This is just so weird, and I don’t know what to say anymore.
All I know is, ready or not, my life is gonna change in the next 50 days..

Dear Allah, may this is one of your best plan for me and my husband to be in our lives now and then.. Lead us the way.. Your best way… Aamiin..

Dear readers, this time I really wish you could send a good prayer for me and my husband to be wedding and marriage.. Wish me luck! :)

Dear Husband To Be; What Will Be Will Be


Eight months of relationship and still counting..

Dear love,
I know it’s getting harder and harder. The way, and the tests that we should pass.
I know you’re tired sometimes, or even most of the time. So do I, dear. But remember, we’re on a test.
Do you know, honey? Everyday I wake up with a hope, that today we’re stronger than yesterday..
I don’t wanna lose the fight with the devils.
Few times I became weak, but trust me I still don’t wanna lose.

But love,
I know we haven’t there yet. We will never know what will happen until we’re arrived.
You are my future husband now. But happen to be my husband only if God will it to. We still don’t know.
Only Heaven knows..

Dear husband to be,
As we leave it to Allah, may He shows us the way to a happiness, whatever it takes.. Aamiin…

Something You Better NOT Forget About (in Love and Relationship)

Morning greet,
Little kisses,
Warm hugs,
“How do you feel today?” Question,
“Don’t forget your bfast/lunch/dinner..” Gentle reminder,
Long light talk,
Playing around with her/his hair,
Saying “I love you”,
Long goodbye (night kiss&hug).

It might sounds easy/cheesy/childish. But, answer me these questions and be honest (at least to yourself):
– Are you happy if your boy/girlfriend/fiancé/husband/wife doing it all to you?
– If it’s easy, how many time you do that things to your lover a day? All of it!
Or, when was the last time you do it all??

Me, personally, feel it all as a really really important things to do everyday in any relationship.
Again, to me personally,
It’s heartwarming,
It makes the love growing bigger and bigger,
It makes me feel loved,
It makes me comfortable,
It calms me down,
It makes me feel safe,
It makes me powerful enough to face any condition a whole day,
and more more more other positive outcome.

Now tell me, who wants NOT to feel it all? I don’t!
I want it all FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!

Easy, costless, doesn’t take much time of your day, so, why not?


P.S. I know I used “it all” lots of time, or even most of the time. The reason is because each of it is important, but all of it are priceless!

Dear whoever reading this right now, may your love and relationship getting bigger and stronger everyday! Aamiin…

The Lucky Seven, A Bride To Be

Hello again!

First of all, I have to admit that this is totally an unusual post from me. You will see a 180° different me, compared to the former posts. The title? Yes, It’s about me. I’m a bride to be!


2015, I will get married to the sleeping man in the picture. He’s my boyfriend, soon to be fiancé, and my next year husband to be. ♡

Remember the song “Lucky” by Jason Mraz? “Lucky I’m in love with my bestfriend”? Ya, I never thought it will be one of my wedding songs. I used to think that it’s too impossible to be happened to me. Turns out, my boyfriend? He used to be my seven years bestfriend.

2007, seven years ago, was the first time we met. He was my client when I was working as Public Relations at a graphic lounge. He came for a surprise birthday party he made for his girlfriend (at that moment). After that, we became friends. He broke up with his “birthday girl” and we spent more time to get along together. We chated a lot via Yahoo Messenger, went for movies, and many places around town. He’s a very nice guy. I enjoyed the time we spent together. For months, until the day he said he loves me.

He said “I love you”. At that time, that words were like a spell to me. The thing that I didn’t want to hear from anyone. I believe him, I just didn’t believe in love back then. So, I left. I decided to went away from him.

January 7th 2009, it was my birthday, and the first time again I replied his (offline) message on YM after two years I “disappeared”. That two years, he kept texting me via YM sometimes, even though I never reply. I left him questioning why. I deleted his every numbers, social media and messenger accounts. I left him blinded. But he never forget to send me his best prayer on my every birthday, no matter what. He never stop trying.

That year, we met again. He took the chance for us to get close (again), even though only as friends. Years gone by, we became bestfriends, then brother and sister. We had our own relationships with another person, but we never stop seeing each other, as a family.

Seven years, he never leave me. He is always there for me, anytime, everytime I need him, as everything I want him to be. He knows everything about me. My bads, my wounds, my weaknesses, but it never change the way he looks at me. He never stop loving me, caring me, wholeheartedly. And after seven years, finally I love him back. Something I never thought could be happened, just happened to me. Like a miracle. God put that love to me, for him. For his gentle heart. July 4th 2014, I’m falling in love with him. Finally.


I love him. It’s getting deeper and deeper everyday. Alhamdulillah.. He loves me, he’s the best at taking care of me, he makes me smile, he makes me laugh, he tries everything to make me happy, he has a warm hug, a very comfortable shoulder to lean on, he’s a hardworker, he has everything I need from a man to live together forever. What else I need?


I never had in mind that I will get married this soon. Even the day before I love him, I still thought that I will get married at least in two or three years ahead. Not this soon. But, Lord has a plan. He surprised me! No one could change my faith, my heart, my will, but Allah. Everything changed in a beat! Boom! “You love him! And you are ready to be a wife! His wife!” Like that? I guess so! Hahaha

Thank you Lord. Thank you Dimas, my beloved husband to be. Thank you for the seven years of trying, struggling, loving and caring. I love you, and I’m so ready to be your wife. May Allah be with us forever. Aamiin..

Yes, I’m the lucky seven and I am a bride to be! :)