Once Upon a Time


Long time ago, someone ever said something like that to me… when I was so affraid to start something that I’ve ever failed before.

I miss it.

I miss when someone convincing me that I can do something I’m affraid of, with a very positive mind and cheerful voice. No matter how hard it is to convince me.

Maybe today, I always try to be positive in front all of people. Try to handle everything by my own, so people have no idea about whatever that is hard for me to do or feel.
I’m proud of my self sometimes. Maybe that’s how being an adult suppose to be. I’m just kinda missing everyone. Or at least just someone.

I am happy. I just feel a little bit incomplete.
Something is missing..


I Love You Less

Some people said, “I didn’t change, I learned.” Well, maybe that’s what happened to me now.

I learned.


I just try to keeping the faith under a changing circumstances, with a little less love in it.

Lesson learned.