With All Do Respect

Have you ever had a HUGE question mark in your head that you’ve tried to find the answer but you never get?
I had it for a quite long time. Years? I guess it’s already.

Yes, been years since I had this question “Why?” in my head. About someone, something that he did, something that I don’t understand “Why?”. Today, when I just need to wipe it away from my head, I tried to find not an answer anymore, but a reason to finally could wipe it out away from anywhere in my head.
You know what? As easy as 1 2 3, Lord be with me. Thank God!

You know sometimes you just don’t understand how could people moving backward when they are moving forward at the same time? I know it’s pretty confusing, but it happened anyway. And, I don’t respect that by the way.

Now, I’m done. Finally. After all these time I never want to know (well, I still don’t), but then I never could find my boldest reason to stop him if I don’t, today I know and I found it. And, hopefully it will stop everything. Please?

I’m tired moving from one blog to another, honestly. So, I will write here, still. No matter what, just like I wrote before in my former post, I won’t runaway anymore. You could read, you could write me, you could do anything. But in order to respect your present and your future, forgive me I won’t answer. I’m doing well and I know you too. So please, just disappear just like I did and I always will.

For I really do respect yours, I really hope that you can do to mine too.

Thank you! :)


The Dream


You know what?
I never really hate a dream until I met you in it.

I never really hate my sleep until there’s always you in it.

I won’t run away this time. I’ll face it until it’s gone. Until you’re gone.

Little Secret; Letter to You, Dear Past.

Honestly, since we’re no longer together, I’m always scared to write on my blog again. Even here, in my new one that you don’t know. Because I know, it gonna be so easy for you to find this. And just like the old way, you’ve always been updating yourself about me from my blogs. Well, maybe not anymore. But, I don’t know why I’m still scared.

PS: If you read this, I want you to know that I really hope we will never ever meet again. Not because I hate you, it just because I don’t know what to say to you. And, thank you for gave me so much things to learn when we were together. I’ve learnt a lot from you. I mean it.

Your Peculiar Ex