The sun shines brighter today. Knowing that I woke up with a baby in my belly this morning. Yes, I’m officially a mama to be now.


Yesterday, early in the morning I took a pregnancy test by myself, because it’s been two weeks late since my last period time. The two stripes showed up so fast. I’m pregnant! Alhamdulillah..

I woke my husband up on fajr prayer time that morning with a whisper, “Wake up papa to be.. It’s positive!”, I said. He barely jumped off the bed, opened his eyes so wide, awake. I still remember that face. That happy face. And so our parents the moment we let them know about my pregnancy. I know I will remember that for the rest of my life.

Few hours later, we met a doctor to check the baby.


Oct 22nd, 2015. It’s 5 weeks 4 days, the doctor said.

Hey there lil baby to be, your mama and papa can’t wait to see you in person. Grow up fast, healthy and strong, babylove! Everyone is waiting for you.. ❤