The Right Thing


It might be seems easy for you what I am doing right now. And honestly, it also still feels wrong to me. In fact, this (as you can read in the pic) is what’s happening right now.

I am trying to do the right thing, even though it is so uneasy for me most of the time.

Because the right thing is not always the thing that we want to. The right thing right now to me, is to do the thing that could make the love of my life happy. That’s it.

I am doing what is right, not what is easy.


Happy Formula

1. What makes you happy?

2. Will it fit to other people the same way it fits to you?

3. The conclusion?

Well, to me, everybody has their own happy formula. That fits for their own self only. We can’t find one happy formula that can fits to everybody’s life. Even though it might be looks like the same, it must be has some differences here and there even just a little.

For an example, it’s quite the same like a favorite taste or food. Some people like it sweet, some like it sour. Or, some people love vegetables, but some other people hate it like hell! Got it?

We can’t force a formula to be used by all people in the world, with the expectation that it will bring out the same outcome to everyone, when it comes to a happy formula especially. Every person has their own formula to be happy. And as long as it’s not a crime, why would you change it with your way? Are you sure your formula is already the best formula ever?? I’m sure it is, for your own.

So, what’s your formula? ;)