Little Mister Life Changer


Hi, little mister son! As usual, you are sleeping and so mama can write this blog right now.
My five months old little life changer..

Couldn’t be happier, Alhamdulillah.. Thank you Allah, for this greatest gift ever.

He changes my life. Doesn’t mean my life way easier now. No, it’s harder, heavier than ever, but he makes me stronger. He is my power.

This passed few months, bad things happened. Problems, heartbreaking moments, sickness, etc. But here I am, stand still and strong, Insha Allah. Because of my son, my happy pill.

Lately I wondered, if I don’t have my son, maybe I already gave up on so many things.
Allah is the best planner. That is why You gave me my son, so I could be strong enough to face the future, isn’t it God?

I will always be strong as long as I have you, my little mister life changer.. Insha Allah..