Our January 2016

Time flies. My and his January passed so fast. I don’t know if we were too busy, or too happy, or both, but January always been great month for us, as usual.




My birthday, his birthday, and my pregnancy especially, made our January this year more special than ever. To me, it’s my first birthday as a wife, and a mom to be for sure. Masha Allah, it’s so beautiful Your gift to me! ❤

Today on the first day of February, we went to see the doctor again and “met” our baby in my tummy. “A male, Insha Allah”, the doctor said. And the most important thing is, he is healthy. Alhamdulillah…


The Hardest Part

I wrote every paragraph (after this one) last night. I started and finished it a moment before I fell asleep without clicking the “post” button. Haha
Happy Monday! :)

I’ve been sitting on the floor the whole night and day, these two days. Facing my blank canvas, brushes, palettes and oil painting colour.

It was years ago, the last time I drew on a canvas. I never really think about doing it again, if it’s not a special request by my very bestfriend as her birthday gift this month that pushes me. Because I know, it will take so much of my time if I let my self drown into it again. That’s the main reason why, no matter how I love it.

But then, this special request from my special friend brings me back to these lovely things I love! Canvas, brushes, palette and oil painting colour! Whoa, I’m super excited!

But then again, like what I said before, it will take so much of my time! Just like these days… I’ve spent my two days only for thinking of “what will I draw for her?” And Thank God, at the end of Sunday night, I got the idea! And it only took few minutes of my early Monday to finish the sketch! Thank You, Lord! ♥

So, as I already passed the hardest part (idea), I think I deserve to get a little break now!
Happy Monday! :)