First Blog on First Day in 2015

Happy new year!

Time flies too fast. I don’t even ready with the new year resolutions yet. All I know is, I’m going to miss my 2014. So much things happened in that year. Something that might not gonna happen again in my future life. Thank God, I was so happy last year.

2015 will be a very new and exciting year to me. I’m going to open my first business on January, and get married on May. Nervous? You already know the answer.

So, if I have to think about my 2015 resolutions, it will be..
1. To be a successful entrepreneur,
2. to be a great wife,
3. to be a better person in every aspect of my life,
4. to be a “mom to be”,
5. to make my parents and parents in law happy.

May Allah allows it all to be happened. Aamiin ya Rabbalallamin…

Once again, happy new year. Forgive me for all the mistakes that I did in 2014. I’ll try my best to be the best in 2015. Bismillah..


Future Greatest Adventure


I used to dream about getting lost, all the time. About traveling around the world by myself, literally. New places, sidewalks, strangers. Oh my God!
That was the “young me”. Or maybe, the “me before July 2014”.

But then as you know, I’m falling in love, and getting married. I have someone who suddenly there sitting on my priority list and ruin my dreams, beautifully.

Well, to be honest, I’m still dreaming about it. But, with a little different condition: with a partner (my future spouse).

The ugly truth is, with or without him, after or even before I’m with him, my old dream (to go alone) won’t be happened anyway, I know. Because my parents won’t let me go out of our country all alone. So the only way I can do that is by get married. And now I’m about to. So it will be possible for me to get my dream, with that little condition. And I’m happy, actually!

May we get that chances, someday! Amen!
Because the greatest adventure lies ahead!

With All Do Respect

Have you ever had a HUGE question mark in your head that you’ve tried to find the answer but you never get?
I had it for a quite long time. Years? I guess it’s already.

Yes, been years since I had this question “Why?” in my head. About someone, something that he did, something that I don’t understand “Why?”. Today, when I just need to wipe it away from my head, I tried to find not an answer anymore, but a reason to finally could wipe it out away from anywhere in my head.
You know what? As easy as 1 2 3, Lord be with me. Thank God!

You know sometimes you just don’t understand how could people moving backward when they are moving forward at the same time? I know it’s pretty confusing, but it happened anyway. And, I don’t respect that by the way.

Now, I’m done. Finally. After all these time I never want to know (well, I still don’t), but then I never could find my boldest reason to stop him if I don’t, today I know and I found it. And, hopefully it will stop everything. Please?

I’m tired moving from one blog to another, honestly. So, I will write here, still. No matter what, just like I wrote before in my former post, I won’t runaway anymore. You could read, you could write me, you could do anything. But in order to respect your present and your future, forgive me I won’t answer. I’m doing well and I know you too. So please, just disappear just like I did and I always will.

For I really do respect yours, I really hope that you can do to mine too.

Thank you! :)