Dear Husband To Be; I Hope You Will Always Remember

Our conversation last night, and so many other nights before.. about how greatful we are to have each other, and about how hard we will try to built our “home”, our little family for our future children.

It’s four weeks to go, dear.. Time flies, I know. I hope everything will be going well until the wedding day and after. Aamiin..


Baby, thank you for last night, thank you for every date that you ever gave to me since eight years ago. The dinners, the karaokes, the movies, everything! :)
Hopefully there still will be another regular fun date after wedding, and after we have a child or even children! Aamiin..

I hope we will always remember to keep our love grows evertime, everyday, until the death do us part! Aamiin.. Aamiin.. Aamiin…

I love you, four weeks husband to be!


Dear Husband To Be; What Will Be Will Be


Eight months of relationship and still counting..

Dear love,
I know it’s getting harder and harder. The way, and the tests that we should pass.
I know you’re tired sometimes, or even most of the time. So do I, dear. But remember, we’re on a test.
Do you know, honey? Everyday I wake up with a hope, that today we’re stronger than yesterday..
I don’t wanna lose the fight with the devils.
Few times I became weak, but trust me I still don’t wanna lose.

But love,
I know we haven’t there yet. We will never know what will happen until we’re arrived.
You are my future husband now. But happen to be my husband only if God will it to. We still don’t know.
Only Heaven knows..

Dear husband to be,
As we leave it to Allah, may He shows us the way to a happiness, whatever it takes.. Aamiin…

Dear Husband To Be; Little Things You Do

Do you know what makes/keeps me falling in love with you?
The little things you did, and keep on doing.

The moment you stroked my hair without me asking first,
The moment you kept holding my hand in front of people,
The moment you came up with my favorite food/beverage out of nowhere,
The moment you made some time just to hold me and took a nap together with me in your arms,
The moment you acted so silly just to make me laugh,
And other little things that you might have no idea that you’re doing it right. Right through my heart. :)


Dear husband to be,
With you I pleased easily. You and your little surprises, has a big impact to me.
Thank you ❤

Dear Fiance,

Bandung, Desember 6th 2014

I don’t know how to describe my feeling for you.
I love you, in the way that I never loved anyone before.
Is it really love?
I hope I’m right. All I know is, I have this really huge affection on you, abundantly.

Do you know? I don’t know how could this happened, but I just can’t control.
I’m mad more than like to anyone when I’m mad at you. I can feel it comes from the very deep down of my heart. Every feeling is just become overrated.
It hurts me when I see you down,
I feel undescribably blue when you sick,
I get jealous when you talk to any girl but me,
I feel so upset when I know you go with any girl around.
I’m sorry. I’m going crazy. You’re driving me insane.

Baby, it is new to me. You’ve ruined a whole system of my heart. I might be an error now. But I’d like to adapt.
Take my hand,
Bare with me,
Lead the way,
I’ll walk with you..


Because I love you.

All The Love In The World


Sunday, Nov 24th 2014 (noon)


Sunday, Nov 24th 2014 (afternoon)

Last Sunday was a pretty tough day to me. Me and my family had two family member to visit at two different hospitals in Bandung, with a very bad traffic situation that day, and my not so well condition.

I already felt about to ill early in the morning, but I didn’t want to miss the chance to go with my family and visit my hospitalized aunties especially. So we went through the traffic jam everywhere, parked the car so far and walked to reach our destinations a little bit faster. Thank God, the weather was so fresh and friendly. I really enjoyed the Sunday afternoon walk!

Time flies so fast while we were stuck in the traffic jam. Two destinations costs us noon-evening until we could get back home. But the day hasn’t done yet. We still have a plan to do on Sunday evening. A triple date dinner!



Sunday, Nov 24th 2014 (evening)

Since we (me, my parents and my sister) live in different cities, the moment we could gathered in one place is a chance for us to do something good together. Plus, our parents were planing to go to Bali for a week on Monday. So, that night was a perfect time to spend the night together. We went for a dinner. My parents, sister, brother in law, me and my fiancé.

Monday morning, my sister and brother in law went back to their home in Bintaro, while me and my fiancé drove my parents to airport for their honeymoon in Bali. Everybody is left, except me, fiancé, and the illness.

Monday afternoon, my condition got worse. I only have my fiancé around. He took care of me so well. Gave me what I need and never leave me even for a minute. He did everything to make me feel better and healthy again. He did it. I’m healthy and so happy right now.

What happened these days opened my eyes, reminded me of how lucky I am here in this world. I have my best best family ever, and now my very best fiancé as my husband to be. Because now I know, that love is the most comfortable home to live. No matter where, no matter how far, as long as we have our love around, it is a home.

Thank you, dear God.. for always giving all the love in the world to me, all around me. ❤

One Step Closer


Bandung, November 15th 2014.
I’m officially engaged, to a man that I love, my former boyfriend which I call fiancé now.

I now literally have a ring on my ringfinger. The sweetest one from my sweetest love. The thing that I never been this excited to use before. The only “couple” thing that we have so far. Our rings! ❤

I’m so happy that at that day, I had my family and bestfriends gathered with us in my parents’ house. I’m so happy to know that we got so much prayers from a lot of people, wishing us all the good things in the world. Amen to that!

One step closer… May Allah be with us forever. Aamiin..