A Man


I’m in a dark space they call bedroom. Lights and TV turned off already. I can’t sleep tonight.

I grabbed my phone and drew. Yes, that man. Undone. Have no idea how to finish him. I don’t even know him. I just realized that I never drew a man before. Turns out it’s difficult. Yes, men are difficult.


It Glows


In my mind, when you kissed by a right person in your heart, your body it will glow.. Like a beautiful chemical reaction. Called, love?

When I’m not Walking, nor Talking. (Don’t Leave Me)


I used to “dance” with my pencil, pen or anything even my lipstick on any media, when I feel boring or have nothing to do and no one to talk (beside writing and daydreaming). Well, still, but nowadays I do it more on my phone. At least my lipsticks are safe now.

I’m not an artist. I can’t draw well. I’m just a communication person who loves drawing so much. Much more than talking, sometimes.

Don’t leave me alone. I can’t guarantee there’s still any space left on the wall when you come back.