To My Husband,


I just want you to read it (the pic) someday. So you will understand why I love you so much.

Friday, November 17, 2017. 11:20 p.m.

Dear working hubby,

Thank you for the sleepless nights because of taking care of me when I’m sick these days,
For the hugs even when I’m hot like an oven, you said
For taking care of our son also,
And for working hard outta home for us as well, still.

I have no reason not to love you, even after that b(a)dtime story you told me before. (Too funny not to mention it)

Thank you for everything, love. Be home soon. Your wife and son missing you badly! ❤


I Miss You..

I meet you everyday, sleep in the same bed every single night, text each other everytime we’re apart, still I miss you all the time.


You know what, love? Everyday, I keep telling myself about this. About how fast the time flies, and soon enough we’ll have enough time to spend more quality time together again, you and I.

I love this parenthood life, really. And having you as the partner, make it more special to me. But then, it’s not about it. It’s not about “us today” why I’m missing you.



I miss you, just because I MISS YOU, dear silly life partner! ❤

Dear Hubby,


Dear hubby Dimas Hendako Putra,
Yes, I write it for you. Even though I know you are not gonna know/read it at this short time or even forever, I still wanna write it down for you.

Hubby, thank you!
I know I’ve been thanking you so much times since we’re together, but still I wanna thank you more!
Thank you for all these time you gave me and our son. It means the world to us! I mean it.
Thank you for all the energy, effort and everything you did to make us happy.
Thank you for being an understanding, heartwarming kind of husband.
Thank you for all surprises! Hugs! Kisses!

I know you are so tired lately, but still you try to give your best anytime you are around me and Dirran.
I know I kind of “busy” and ignoring you since Dirran born, but still you say you love me and miss me every single day and night.


Hubby, you fill me.
The blank page in my mind, the empty space in my heart, you fill it with your love.
Thank you. ❤



“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”
— William Arthur Ward

It is Saturday night here in my place, and it’s supposed to be me and my husband date night tonight. But it’s not.

Turns out here I am now, lying in my bed writing this.
We canceled the date. The date that we already planned days ago. Because of me. I’m sick.

Last night, all of sudden I got sick. And so I ruined our well planned date.
We went to his aunt wedding earlier today. I said I can go and I’ll be fine with it. Even I told him I still can go for the date. Turns out, we went somewhere after the wedding, yes we were. Not to any restaurant or cinema, but hospital.

Today was quite A DAY to me. I can’t describe how’s my feeling about it. I’m sick, the illness is killing me, I feel bad, I wanna cry, but I also feel greatful at the same time.
Greatful to see how my husband there for me. How he smiles over whatever the situation, always tries to make me laugh, fulfills all my request even to the stupidest one, comforts me with everything I like, and the greatest thing is he stays close to me so I feel safe. How can I not love him?


Dear sleeping husband, I cannot say anything but thank you and I love you, I really do. ❤

A Wife


Novotel Bandung, May 9th, 2015. I’m officially married to a man I love, my husband, Dimas Hendako Putra.





That day was one of the happiest day in my life. Sometimes I still can’t believe it’s true. I’m a wife now.

That day, was the day that my dream wedding become a reality. Gazillion thanks to my parents, sister, vendors and family for making it happened. ❤


Dear husband, said yes to be married to you was the craziest decision I’ve ever made. You know I’m not that easy to say yes. To a marriage thing especially. But, you know what? This is also the best decision I’ve ever made. I chose the right person and the right time to be happy together for the rest of my life.

I love you, hubby..