Bride To Be; A Day To Wedding Day

I can’t sleep (again)..

It’s 03.00 a.m. here. I just awaken by a bad dream after three hours of sleep. The dream was so bad, I even too scared to think about it again.
Oh Lord, it was just a dream, wasn’t it???


Dear a day husband to be, I trust you.. I know you will make the best choice in every single thing you take, for our future children sake..
I trust you, love…

I’m sorry for always being scared of this marriage thing.. I’m sorry for always make you have to convince me with all of these things.. I’m so sorry…

Dear future children, you will read this post anytime in the future, I know.. Because mama ask your papa to leave it to you anytime I passed away after I have you, and if you are big enough to read and understand.

Baby, I love you since you have not born or even since you are haven’t here in my tummy. I love you since you are still here in my imagination. I love you since you are only a dream to me and your father. A dream that we really wish to be true.
I hope when you read it someday, you’ll read it with a smile because you love us too.. :’)

No secret to be kept here baby.. Soon or later, mama will write more for you..

I love you dear future husband and children of mine.. ❤


Four Years Ago, May 2011


As long as I can remember, It was May 2011 my graduation day four years ago.
Yes, I went to my graduation day event with my fiancé/husband to be now, which was my brother back then.

At that moment, all I can remember is I don’t wanna go to my graduation day event with anyone like a boyfriend or someone that close to me with a purpose. For one reason; I don’t wanna ruin my graduation memory in the future.
If I go with my boyfriend or that other kind, and (at that time) the possibility of broken up is so big to me, and so when it happened, the memory of my graduation day will be not that good anymore. I don’t like it that way, and thank God it didn’t happen!
That’s why I chose him. My former brother. I never thought that I will ended up with him of course, at that moment I just thought that I could never broke up with my brother. So, my graduation memory will be save! Well, it is! ;)

Funny fact? That day was the first and last time he gave me flowers. No more flowers anymore, well at least until today. Hahahaha

He’s not romantic. He’s just a man who always tries to fullfil everything I want and need. And that’s more than enough. :)