Hello World


Sunday, May 15th, 2016.
10:42 p.m.
He was born to the world..
My babyboy, my son, the love of my life, my baby D.

Welcome to the world, son. You can see the world from your own eyes now. How was it so far? I hope you find beauty in everything around you, love. Aamiin…


Baby, now you are free. There is no more narrow place as small as my tummy for you. You have so much places to go now. You have so much places to live. Don’t worry, I will still make sure that it’s all safe for you, just like how you were in my tummy before.

I am officially a mom now.
The hardest part to describe, how the feeling is.
All I know is, that now I have a new soulmate, a life partner to fight for. His life, his happiness, his everything are my first priority now. I will do anything, everything, to keep him safe and gets what he needs, Insha Allah.

I love you, son. From the deepest of my heart. And husband, thank you for being there for us 100% all the time. You saw your son born, that was one of the bravest thing I know a man can do. So much men can do, but only a few willing to. You are our hero. I love you.. ❤



Our January 2016

Time flies. My and his January passed so fast. I don’t know if we were too busy, or too happy, or both, but January always been great month for us, as usual.




My birthday, his birthday, and my pregnancy especially, made our January this year more special than ever. To me, it’s my first birthday as a wife, and a mom to be for sure. Masha Allah, it’s so beautiful Your gift to me! ❤

Today on the first day of February, we went to see the doctor again and “met” our baby in my tummy. “A male, Insha Allah”, the doctor said. And the most important thing is, he is healthy. Alhamdulillah…

Hummingbird Heartbeat

Wednesday, December 2th, 2015.
Today, finally the wait is over..


There it is, my little love. My baby to be. My sweetest love. Exist, alive! Alhamdulillah..

Twelve weeks a day today, I heard his/her heartbeat. So loud! :’)

Dear little love, thank you for being there and makes everyone in the family so happy today!
Stay healthy, stay strong! Growing well, love..
See you next month! ❤

One More Long(est) Day To Wait


It should be this afternoon we meet, but we couldn’t.

His/her papa should work, so we cannot see the doctor today. Planned to meet the doctor yesterday, but yesterday the doctor was sick. So, we have no choice. Tomorrow is the only day, and only if the doctor already work (Aamiin).

Today might be the last day I questioning whether my baby is there or not. It’s getting bigger (my tummy), even though still, it’s a small bump.
Oh dear, I’m scared! I’m nervous, I’m….

Can I skip a day?
I want to see my baby. My little love..