Hand in Hand


Walk with me, Son! Hand in hand.
Your hands might be so little right now, but it has so much power for me when you hold my hand.

When your Papa hold my hand, he makes me feel safe. But when you hold my hand, Son, you make me feel strong!

Your Papa makes me a lady, while you make me a whole woman. There are so many empty spaces in me, but you both complete me.


Rabbi habli minassholihin.. Aamiin

Stay strong my little one! Let’s stay walking hand in hand! Mama and Papa love you so much with all our hearts!



Dear Heart,



You know what? I don’t even know what to write.
Or even I should have closed this page and stop.

But, I miss this place. So much.
I still need this room. Eventhough I know now I can’t write as clear as I did before.

Because my life is my life. It’s only between me and my God if I should share. My story, my thoughts, my feeling.

I just feel the need to come by and write a little about it. To say, I miss you. I bet you understand how much I miss this place. My kind of self healing area.

I hope it’s okay that I decided to do this.

Dear heart,
We will be okay now.


My Heart is Full

Saturday, September 8th, 2018.

Yes, my heart is full.
Fulfilled with everything I need in the eye of my Creator. I am content. Thank You, Allah.


Having them,


In my life,


Complete me..

As a person,
As a wife,
As a mother,
As a daughter,
As a sister,
As a human being..


Thank you, hubby..


Thank you, son..


Thank you, mama..
Thank you, papa..


Thank you, sister..


Thank you, brother in law..

You all are the best support system in my whole life!

And of course, Allah SWT in the first place! Alhamdulillah..


I love I am who I am today with what I have now. Not because I am the best version of me, just better, and will be better in the next day, everyday for the rest of my life. Aamiin. 🙏

Me Time

12:32 a.m. in my bedroom now. Dark and quite as usual. Having a snack only for myself, since my babyloves (husband and son) are sleeping already few hours ago.

I consider it as my Me Time. I didn’t take my dinner last night, but snacking like a Dino this time. I don’t care! I’m skinny anyway!

But, I care! Not about being fat! But about being sleepless and not being an energetic Mama for my son tomorrow!

I cannot sleep, and I’m overthinking about it, and it makes me cannot sleep more! I should stop. No, I should sleep!

Yes, my head is full. Too full, lately. Too much things to think about. Overthinking! I need to stop.

Oh, Allah! Forgive me..


I have to sleep.

Dear head, be kind!

Happy 2 Years Old, Son!


May 15th, 2018.

My bundle of joy is officially a toddler now!
You are two years old now, son! How fast!!

You know what, son?
Having you, time flies faster than usual. Mama still remember anything the day you were born. It feels like yesterday. But look at you now! This big, this tall, this smart! Masha Allah.. Alhamdulillah

Dear Dirran,
Thank you for being you today, my son! Mama so very extremely proud of you!
You are the best gift from Allah. Stay happy, stay healthy, always be kind and loving just like how you already are now, son. Hopefully mama and papa still have so much time to see you grow up and shine britghter everyday! Aamiin

Mama and papa love you so much! ❤

Three Years of Happiness

May 9th 2018,
It was my 3rd wedding anniversary that Wednesday. Three years of uncountable bless in my life.

Honestly, I don’t know what to write in here anymore. Since everybody knows how blessed I am with everything I have now. My husband, my son, my complete and healthy parents, my sister and brother, my superloving parents in law, my happy life! Alhamdulillah, I have everything I need in my life now, and cannot thank Allah enough for it! Alhamdulillah..


Three years of being husband and wife..

Dear husband,
You are more than I ever expected from a husband.
The super loving, gentle, caring, supporting, helping, everything husband of mine! ❤
I am a super lucky wife to have you!

Thank you, love..
You know I have no other words. Only thank you and I love you, so much!

Thank you for the surprise, the time, the love, and..


Our most beloved son!
I love you both, my double D!

Happy 3rd wedding anniversary once again, my love! 💋