Three Years of Happiness

May 9th 2018,
It was my 3rd wedding anniversary that Wednesday. Three years of uncountable bless in my life.

Honestly, I don’t know what to write in here anymore. Since everybody knows how blessed I am with everything I have now. My husband, my son, my complete and healthy parents, my sister and brother, my superloving parents in law, my happy life! Alhamdulillah, I have everything I need in my life now, and cannot thank Allah enough for it! Alhamdulillah..


Three years of being husband and wife..

Dear husband,
You are more than I ever expected from a husband.
The super loving, gentle, caring, supporting, helping, everything husband of mine! ❤
I am a super lucky wife to have you!

Thank you, love..
You know I have no other words. Only thank you and I love you, so much!

Thank you for the surprise, the time, the love, and..


Our most beloved son!
I love you both, my double D!

Happy 3rd wedding anniversary once again, my love! 💋


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