Bride To Be; Three Days To Wedding Day

It is so quite right now, in my house. I can hear birds chirping all around (literally). Because my room located at the second floor, so basically I live close with the birds here.

It’s been days, I’m just staying around at my room, doing nothing but eat, sleep, and movies. Yes, since a week to the wedding day I cannot go anywhere. My family make me trapped here in this house like a prisoner. Well, in our country we call it “pingit”. It’s the days like this, when the wedding is close enough, the bride have no permission to go outside the house. For a safety and healthy reasons.

Stay in the house for so long makes me thinking too much. And it’s more tiring to me, than going outside and meet people out there. Oh, I miss my fiancé, my three days husband to be!


I miss the way he looks at me..


I miss the way he makes me laugh..


I miss the way he thinks I’m cute.. :p

I miss everything about him…


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