Note To Self; Remember How You Hate Expectations

I am an enemy, to a thing called expectation.

Maybe most of people who follow my blogs (multiply, blogspot, and wordpress now) know how I hate expectations. I wrote it million times already. And again now.

I guess I really have to do this periodically, to reminding myself about how I hate expectations and how I have to stick to that. Because sometimes I stupidly forgot. I went to “heaven” and start to expecting things, then realized when it’s too late (when I get disappointed by the result of my own expectations). So human!

Maybe not for some people, but for me expectations leads nowhere but disappointments. Because human usually expecting heaven when they are still live on earth.


Here I am reminding myself to back to the old times: I won’t expect, I’ll dream.
When I’m dreaming, I know when I have to wake up (without any disappointment, because I know that’s just a dream). And if it really happens in reality, I’ll be so happy because it’s a dream comes true.

Dear myself, please remember..


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