Bride To Be; Two Months To Wedding Day

March 9th 2015, exact two months before my wedding day on May 9th 2015.

Some people said “The closer the wedding, the harder the situation you have to get through. Problems come and go, either from your wedding preparation or even between you and your husband/wife to be.”
Now I know…

My problem now, is the invisible thing that matter the most. The thing that I have to work hard on to control. My feeling.
It’s become pretty wild lately. It become so unpredictable. I can cry over and over on the same day, over the little things I feel unhappy with. Now I’m more sensitive than whenever before in my life. I’ve tried to stop it, but believe me it is not that easy.

I have ever been in the other side position of course, which is being the outsider of some people’s wedding preparation. Being the ears to listen.
From my point of view that time, these “little heart problem” was just a drama. It wasn’t supposed to be a thing that can ruin your welcoming wedding mood. But now? I totally understand.

I don’t mean to make you (haven’t married reader) scared of wedding. I write it here just to share what I feel as a two months bride to be. Different person different problem of course. Or even maybe some people doesn’t have any pre-wedding problem at all? Hopefully you will be one of them when you are about to get married someday! Aamiin

Well, it’s just a test to be passed. I know I will..
Happy Monday! :)



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