Something You Better NOT Forget About (in Love and Relationship)

Morning greet,
Little kisses,
Warm hugs,
“How do you feel today?” Question,
“Don’t forget your bfast/lunch/dinner..” Gentle reminder,
Long light talk,
Playing around with her/his hair,
Saying “I love you”,
Long goodbye (night kiss&hug).

It might sounds easy/cheesy/childish. But, answer me these questions and be honest (at least to yourself):
– Are you happy if your boy/girlfriend/fiancé/husband/wife doing it all to you?
– If it’s easy, how many time you do that things to your lover a day? All of it!
Or, when was the last time you do it all??

Me, personally, feel it all as a really really important things to do everyday in any relationship.
Again, to me personally,
It’s heartwarming,
It makes the love growing bigger and bigger,
It makes me feel loved,
It makes me comfortable,
It calms me down,
It makes me feel safe,
It makes me powerful enough to face any condition a whole day,
and more more more other positive outcome.

Now tell me, who wants NOT to feel it all? I don’t!
I want it all FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!

Easy, costless, doesn’t take much time of your day, so, why not?


P.S. I know I used “it all” lots of time, or even most of the time. The reason is because each of it is important, but all of it are priceless!

Dear whoever reading this right now, may your love and relationship getting bigger and stronger everyday! Aamiin…


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