Dear Fear, Stay Far.

Seems brave enough, tough enough, strong enough, independent enough as a woman, people see me. I know.
They just don’t know me as a whole. They only see what I want them to see.

Now let me tell you something..

I’m not that strong..
I have a fear..
I’m not that independent..
on love.

Love is my weakness.
I was affraid of love.
Years ago, I trapped in that fear.
People are right if they think I fear of nothing.
I do fear of nothing, but love.

Now I’m engaged. Do I still feel that fear? I do.
I just stay a little bit far. Try to ignore it sometimes. But it still comes over me all the time.

I won’t let you win, fear. I also won’t let you go.
You keep me awake. You keep me aware.
Just stay, but far. Far away.



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