My Lucky Seven, My Month, My Happiness

January 7th 2015, was my 27 yo birthday.

I was in Bintaro, at my sister’s house, the day my birthday comes. Because we took the last flight to Jakarta from Bali earlier on Jan 6th.

That day on Jan 7th 2015, my sister was about to hold a soft opening for her culinary business. So me and my parents were staying there for the event.

I didn’t have a thought that I will be able to spend my birthday with my fiancé. Because he was too busy that time, and it was like too imposible for him to gets some time for me while we were away in different cities.

Turns out, I was wrong. He made it, for me. He did anything to make it possible. And he was able.
Jan 7th 2015, in the morning when I woke up, he showed up. He came to me, surprisingly.
That morning he knocked my door, with a smile and a birthday gift.



He gave me shoes that I’ve been wanting for so long, and served me a cup of latte fresh from the kitchen. He came with the coffee set and made it for me. I can’t describe how happy I was that day. So happy, super happy, or any words more than that. I’m blessed.

As it planned, Jan 7th 2015, in the afternoon, my sister and brother in law held the soft opening of their culinary business. It went well. I’m so happy for them. I really had fun, spent the time together with the people I love the most, one time at one place and two happy moments. Alhamdulillah..




Thank you family, for the vacation, for the time, for the never ending love since I was born in the world. I love you all.
Thank you dear beloved fiancé, for the time, for the love, for the birthday gift. I like it so much. But you have to know, that the best gift from you to me is you, yourself. I love you.
Thank you Allah, for the family, the future spouse, the love and the life You gave to me. I love You so much.

January always been fun. And I know it will always be. Aamiin.. Because it’s my month, and that’s how it supposed to be! ❤


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