Dear Fiance,

Bandung, Desember 6th 2014

I don’t know how to describe my feeling for you.
I love you, in the way that I never loved anyone before.
Is it really love?
I hope I’m right. All I know is, I have this really huge affection on you, abundantly.

Do you know? I don’t know how could this happened, but I just can’t control.
I’m mad more than like to anyone when I’m mad at you. I can feel it comes from the very deep down of my heart. Every feeling is just become overrated.
It hurts me when I see you down,
I feel undescribably blue when you sick,
I get jealous when you talk to any girl but me,
I feel so upset when I know you go with any girl around.
I’m sorry. I’m going crazy. You’re driving me insane.

Baby, it is new to me. You’ve ruined a whole system of my heart. I might be an error now. But I’d like to adapt.
Take my hand,
Bare with me,
Lead the way,
I’ll walk with you..


Because I love you.


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