All The Love In The World


Sunday, Nov 24th 2014 (noon)


Sunday, Nov 24th 2014 (afternoon)

Last Sunday was a pretty tough day to me. Me and my family had two family member to visit at two different hospitals in Bandung, with a very bad traffic situation that day, and my not so well condition.

I already felt about to ill early in the morning, but I didn’t want to miss the chance to go with my family and visit my hospitalized aunties especially. So we went through the traffic jam everywhere, parked the car so far and walked to reach our destinations a little bit faster. Thank God, the weather was so fresh and friendly. I really enjoyed the Sunday afternoon walk!

Time flies so fast while we were stuck in the traffic jam. Two destinations costs us noon-evening until we could get back home. But the day hasn’t done yet. We still have a plan to do on Sunday evening. A triple date dinner!



Sunday, Nov 24th 2014 (evening)

Since we (me, my parents and my sister) live in different cities, the moment we could gathered in one place is a chance for us to do something good together. Plus, our parents were planing to go to Bali for a week on Monday. So, that night was a perfect time to spend the night together. We went for a dinner. My parents, sister, brother in law, me and my fiancé.

Monday morning, my sister and brother in law went back to their home in Bintaro, while me and my fiancé drove my parents to airport for their honeymoon in Bali. Everybody is left, except me, fiancé, and the illness.

Monday afternoon, my condition got worse. I only have my fiancé around. He took care of me so well. Gave me what I need and never leave me even for a minute. He did everything to make me feel better and healthy again. He did it. I’m healthy and so happy right now.

What happened these days opened my eyes, reminded me of how lucky I am here in this world. I have my best best family ever, and now my very best fiancé as my husband to be. Because now I know, that love is the most comfortable home to live. No matter where, no matter how far, as long as we have our love around, it is a home.

Thank you, dear God.. for always giving all the love in the world to me, all around me. ❤


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