With All Do Respect

Have you ever had a HUGE question mark in your head that you’ve tried to find the answer but you never get?
I had it for a quite long time. Years? I guess it’s already.

Yes, been years since I had this question “Why?” in my head. About someone, something that he did, something that I don’t understand “Why?”. Today, when I just need to wipe it away from my head, I tried to find not an answer anymore, but a reason to finally could wipe it out away from anywhere in my head.
You know what? As easy as 1 2 3, Lord be with me. Thank God!

You know sometimes you just don’t understand how could people moving backward when they are moving forward at the same time? I know it’s pretty confusing, but it happened anyway. And, I don’t respect that by the way.

Now, I’m done. Finally. After all these time I never want to know (well, I still don’t), but then I never could find my boldest reason to stop him if I don’t, today I know and I found it. And, hopefully it will stop everything. Please?

I’m tired moving from one blog to another, honestly. So, I will write here, still. No matter what, just like I wrote before in my former post, I won’t runaway anymore. You could read, you could write me, you could do anything. But in order to respect your present and your future, forgive me I won’t answer. I’m doing well and I know you too. So please, just disappear just like I did and I always will.

For I really do respect yours, I really hope that you can do to mine too.

Thank you! :)


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