Dear God,

Bandung, Sunday, June 8th 2014.


Have you ever scared of your own feeling? When something happened in your heart but you are too afraid to admit it?
Well, it’s not my first time.

I never plan to fall in love. I guess no one ever. But some people are just so ready, then it would be a good surprise for them when it’s coming. For me? I still don’t understand.

It’s been a while since I had this kind of feeling. Weird. I forgot how to react. Comfort in my heart but not in my head. Overthinking, as always.

Sometimes I wanna get out of my body and scream at it so loud. Super loud, so it can realize how stupid it is to keep the fear inside. I wanna be free. Free to follow my feeling deep in my heart, without those monsters in my head. Fearless.

I keep talking to God, looking for the answer. I need it. I can’t see the path clearly now. I need a guide. I need You, God.


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