Total Stranger


“Let’s get married”, he said.

No, he’s not my boyfriend. He’s just a friend who is crazy enough to ask me to be his girlfriend since I was in highschool, and to be his wife now.

“No way! I’m not gonna marry a man I know for years. I’m not marrying a friend. I want to marry a stranger!”, I replied.

Yes, I’m not kidding. I just can not imagine myself got married to a friend, or to any man I already know. At least, until right now, it would be a nightmare to me. Oh God, please don’t! Haha it seriously scares me like h*ll now!  :|

“Well, we are not that friends anymore anyway. Let’s pretend that we are strangers, and start all over again. Get to know each other again. I am a different person now!”, he said.

Yes, it’s been so long since the last time we met. We live in different cities now, and busy with our own lives. Does it make him a stranger to me now?

“NO!”, I replied.


You know what? To me, there are no friends become strangers things, nor hate become love, or even love become hate?! No, I am not that kind of person who believe in that kind of things. I will never love the man I hate, like it is impossible for me to hate people I already love at the first place. Heart, it doesn’t lie. Love or hate, it knows best. And nothing has to change after all. Friends? Yes, it’s love. But not that kind of love I would marry. So, friends? Will be friends, forever! ♡

Now, talking about stranger. Well, the picture above explained it all.

Hello strangers! :)


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