Lovely Life Teachers







Yesterday, me and my friends went to museums in Bandung together with numbers of orphan kids from an orphan house. We learned about art, sience, history. We also did some experiments there. We had fun!

It was one of our monthly activity that we do every 4th week of the month. It’s been a year and two months since we start this acitivity, Alhamdulillah. And we will never stop, Insha Allah.

More than a year ago, me and my friends start to think to gather our money to give (sedekah) so we can have a higher amount to be given to the orphan kids in the orphan house. It started only from an average number, but it doesn’t matter, because the object of what we do is not only to share the money, but mainly to share the happiness. We didn’t come by just to drop the money or things, but also to talk and play with the kids. That’s my most favorite moment!

We came to different orphan house every month, we met lots of children, we saw lots of things, and we’ve learnt a lot from them, that happiness comes from the heart. No matter who you are or whom you live with, you can be happy if you want to. Just like they are.

Love does so many positive things, I believe. Magicaly, the amount of money that we share to them each month is getting higher and higher. Because we get a lot of trust by lots of people that also want to give their love to the kids. From the family, other friends, friend of friends and even good hearted strangers, that makes us dyingly happy.

Thank you so much family, friends, strangers and kids! Thank you for being a good teacher of my life school. That shining heart, that sincere smile, taught me so much things more than words. Really! Thank you! :)


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