I don’t really remember when was the last time I talk to a person, passionately. Maybe last year? Well, um, I don’t think so. Maybe it was a long long time ago. Too long till I can’t even remember when, who, and what I was so excited to talk about. Maybe I really need to go to new places and meet new people by now.

Tonight, suddenly I miss to talk to a person that could makes me feel like “I don’t wanna sleep tonight and everynight, because this coversation is too exciting!”. Yes, that kind of feeling, I miss the most!

It’s not about love I’m talking about here. I mean, it could be love, but it also could be anything. I miss having conversation with a person that could inspires me. I miss just sitting in front of a person, not talking, only listening, but never feel boring.

Too long. It’s just too long. And I don’t know when and where I could find that kind of person again.
I hope it will be soon enough, God? I really really hope so.

No matter how long, I just believe someday I will. I am too thirsty. I need to fill my cup!


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