December Heartwarmer


Mama, my white heart nails, yummy lovely food and Xmas decorations, they are the heartwarmers of my December this year! ♥

I love Xmas decorations even though I don’t celebrate it. I like Santa Clause even though I know he isn’t real. I’m a big fan of Santa! He’s cute and seems really nice all the time! Too bad there’s no Santa here in this cafe.

December, the last month of the year. All my life, I never really like December. Somehow it makes me feel closer to a goodbye. Goodbye to the oldyear that I already feel comfortable with. Well, not that I hate newyears, no. I just hate goodbye. That’s it.

So, it’s pretty important to me, to make my December not as cold as its weather. Because it has a quite big impact to my goodbye. I can’t blame December for coming so fast. I just have to make it sweet. Because I want a sweet goodbye to my every oldyear of my life.

Warm me up, December! :)


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