The Hardest Part

I wrote every paragraph (after this one) last night. I started and finished it a moment before I fell asleep without clicking the “post” button. Haha
Happy Monday! :)

I’ve been sitting on the floor the whole night and day, these two days. Facing my blank canvas, brushes, palettes and oil painting colour.

It was years ago, the last time I drew on a canvas. I never really think about doing it again, if it’s not a special request by my very bestfriend as her birthday gift this month that pushes me. Because I know, it will take so much of my time if I let my self drown into it again. That’s the main reason why, no matter how I love it.

But then, this special request from my special friend brings me back to these lovely things I love! Canvas, brushes, palette and oil painting colour! Whoa, I’m super excited!

But then again, like what I said before, it will take so much of my time! Just like these days… I’ve spent my two days only for thinking of “what will I draw for her?” And Thank God, at the end of Sunday night, I got the idea! And it only took few minutes of my early Monday to finish the sketch! Thank You, Lord! ♥

So, as I already passed the hardest part (idea), I think I deserve to get a little break now!
Happy Monday! :)


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